05 Jun

At Whitney Senior Center, we believe that strength is found not only in our individual journeys but also in the connections we forge with one another. 

 As we step into the month of June, we're thrilled to introduce a lineup of workshops designed to inspire resilience, foster growth, and empower you to thrive despite life's challenges.

Cancer: Thriving & Surviving - Nurturing Hope, Embracing Life

For those facing the daunting journey of cancer from diagnosis to remission, Cancer: Thriving & Surviving workshop offers a beacon of hope and a source of empowerment. Led by trained facilitators who understand firsthand the challenges of cancer, this program provides a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences, learn practical coping strategies, and find strength in community. In this month's workshop sessions, we'll delve into topics such as:

  • Fear of recurrence
  • Changes in body image
  • Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and endurance
  • Healthy eating
  • Making decisions about treatment and complementary therapies
  • Working more effectively with health care providers
  • Communicating with friends and family
  • Communicating with the health care system
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • Action-planning, problem-solving, decision-making

Living Well with Chronic Pain - Finding Joy Despite the Challenges

Living with chronic pain can be an isolating and challenging experience, but it doesn't have to define your life. Our Living Well with Chronic Pain workshop offers a lifeline of support and resources for individuals seeking to reclaim their vitality and joy. Throughout the workshop sessions, participants will discover:

  • Practical strategies for managing chronic pain and improving quality of life
  • The importance of self-care, stress management, and relaxation techniques
  • Nutritional tips to support health and well-being while managing chronic pain
  • Inspirational stories from individuals who have found joy and fulfillment despite chronic pain
  • Expert advice on integrating holistic approaches and complementary therapies into pain management

Blossoming Together: A Community of Resilience and Growth

Through these workshops, we invite you to join us in cultivating a community of resilience, growth, and support—a place where every challenge is met with courage and every triumph is celebrated with joy.

Together, let's embrace the spirit of empowerment, nurture our resilience, and blossom boldly in the face of adversity.

To learn more about our upcoming workshops - Visit our Upcoming Workshops Page

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