27 Dec

Meet Debbie from Milaca, MN:

“Whitney Senior Center has given me the opportunity to enhance my awareness.” Debbie says. “I've become aware of who I am - what I need to do physically and mentally.”

Debbie has embraced the opportunity to enhance her well-being and has boldly taken steps towards a healthier, happier life.  When she first attended our wellness workshops, she was nervous - yet, her determination to live a better life helped her to overcome her fears. 

Debbie has grown through a variety of challenges, ranging from mastering diabetes to living with chronic pain, and even participating in Senior Friendship Circles and Walk with Ease

[Whitney Wellness Workshops] have helped me learn a lot about myself and how to interact with other people and just being aware that - it's okay, it's okay where I'm at and it's okay to grow.” Debbie says, “My physical health has improved due to the exercising and being aware that there's different ways to meet those goals.”

 In conclusion, Debbie says that after taking the wellness workshops she feels better. “I feel better now because I've been involved and I feel kind of lifted. I'm excited about my future.” 

Are you like Debbie and ready to give Whitney Wellness Workshops a try? Click HERE to find our full list of workshops and register today.

And watch Debbie’s full interview below -

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