22 Dec

Setting a New Year’s resolution is quite popular for many people. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, being more physically active, and quitting smoking. The good thing about making a resolution is that you are more likely to succeed. One study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that those who set New Year's resolutions are 10 times more likely to change their behavior than those who don’t. Having a support system or mentor to encourage you can help you be even more successful in sticking with your resolutions. 

If your goal is to be healthier and you really want to stick to it all year long, Whitney Senior Center, part of the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program, offers a lifestyle change program designed to help you do just that by providing a support system to help you achieve your health goals. Our program is open to adults who have higher than normal blood sugar levels and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  If this applies to you, you could be one of the one in three Americans with prediabetes who are on track to develop type 2 diabetes. If you aren’t sure, take the 1-minute prediabetes risk test to find out. 

If you get a high score from the prediabetes risk test, we urge you to visit your doctor for a blood test to find out for sure. If you find out you have prediabetes, the good news is that there’s something you can do about it! Healthy lifestyle changes can help to reverse prediabetes and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. How’s that for motivation to follow through on your resolution this year? 

Whitney Senior Center offers the lifestyle change online and in-person at multiple community locations to support you on your health journey. If you’re ready to change your life for the better in the new year and turn those resolutions into lasting changes, here are some tips from the National Diabetes Prevention Program to help! 

  • What’s your “why” for your resolution? It’s a great goal to be healthier, but without a clear reason for doing so, it can be hard to follow through. Think about why you’d like to make a change. Maybe you want to feel more energized throughout the day to do more things you love. Whatever your reason is, write it down and put it on your mirror, fridge, or nightstand so that you’re reminded of your motivation every day.
  • Make small changes you can stick to. If you go into the new year thinking you’ll only eat healthy food and get to the gym every day on top of your already busy schedule, you may end up feeling overwhelmed. It’s easier to make small changes and stick to them. The lifestyle change program will show you how to make attainable diet and activity changes in a way that works best for you. Instead of setting big, long-term goals, try making small changes to your day like adding physical activity to your day or having a salad instead of French fries when eating out. When you join the program, you will have many resources available to help you make healthier food swaps, track your food intake, and more. Being consistent with a few positive actions can have a big impact on your health all year long!
  • Get some support. Sticking with a New Year’s resolution is hard to do on your own. That’s why the lifestyle change program is led by a trained Lifestyle Coach. You get the encouragement of peers with similar goals and the help of a coach whose mission is to see you succeed. They’ll be there to help motivate you and keep you both engaged in the program and on track with your goals. You don’t have to do it alone. Sign up for the lifestyle change program today and encourage your family and friends to sign up as well Find all our upcoming workshops HERE.

With the lifestyle change program, you can set yourself up for success this new year and make progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Participants in the program who add physical activity to their routine and make healthy food choices can greatly reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

With results like that, why wouldn’t you enroll today? Imagine next December realizing that you’ve lost weight, learned to eat healthier while still enjoying foods you love, and improved your health so you can spend more time with loved ones or doing your favorite hobbies. Now that’s a resolution achieved! 

Let’s decide to ring in the next new year healthier and happier together. We’re here for you and want to see you reach the end of the year proud of what you’ve accomplished. If you’re ready to make the new year your best one yet, visit our Diabetes Prevention Program Page for more information on prediabetes and how to join the lifestyle change program HERE.

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